Melissa & Doug – Prepare & Serve Pasta Set


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A child can make the best make believe anytime they get the urge to cook with the Melissa and Doug with the fifty-piece pasta making toy set. The toy pasta boxes are full of penne pasta, linguini, bow-tie pasta and ravioli pockets are all made of felt. The ravioli pockets can be stuffed filled with felt spinach, cheese, and meat fillings. The illustrated instruction book tells children how to order and “cook” the pasta in the big cookpot that comes with a lid. Then a child can “strain” the pasta in the colander. The boxes that the pasta come in also are the cooktop and sink. After this, a child can scoop the pasta into the pasta bowl.

When the pasta has been drained, then a child can scoop the pasta into the pasta bowl that comes with this cook set. Once it is in the bowl, they can top it with tomato sauce, cheese, and butter and then eat up. This playset comes with a jar of sauce, cheese shaker, salt shaker, and a fork. It lets children use their imagination to prepare a play pasta meal from beginning to end. The play food that comes with this toy set is intended for children three years of age and older.

This Melissa & Doug toy play food is suitable for children 3 years +


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